Sunday, January 29, 2012

a mighty ruckus

burn the noise down
strike it through with the righteous mark of antipathy
hammer the doors in
kick the boards through and grind them to dust -
a fine dust that stirs and lives a devilish existence but undisturbed lies dead as a doornail -
don't stop there,
raise again in its defense
a morsel of straw bone indignities
that fright the system and
blight the terrain with
hamstrung novices of awkward insight and
neon notions in
a world grown amok where
penguins go to fly and
whales swing on lamp posts

for magpie tales, painting by Wallisy Kandinsky


  1. i might like to live in a world where whales swing on lamp posts...i linked after you on magpie :)

  2. love the surreal nature of this...come to expect that from you though...nice intensity in the opening and great imagery in the close tom....

  3. What a great opening line! And the ones following it are too. There is darkness and light, well matched to the image.

  4. Fanciful and full of wild images...with a dash of intense feelings.

  5. "whales swing on lamp posts"

    Great image.


  6. I'm not sure about your world - I'd like to go visit, though, just to see. Great images you draw.

  7. Great images indeed - never saw the penguins - do now!

    Anna :o]

  8. I love love love the notion of whales swinging on lampposts...

  9. Hi Tom.
    This Kandinsky painting certainly is a noisy one!
    Thank you for popping over my blog.

  10. Fanciful and full of wild images...with a dash of intense feelings.

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