Sunday, May 27, 2012


full on white on - taking flight on the cusp of a dream, it's a half twist flying blue bottle rocket the snapdragon pop – clematis in your headlights, hot beam, cool breeze with a splash of mint and a hint of paul gauguin. Languid, painful heartfelt deflection of a long lived introspection: falling backwards, trailing monochromatic, lurching in your field of vision-your new digs astound, hug a tree plant a rock touch your toes and take heart when a nose in the wind sniffs the cumulus hanging low ready to drop on the beat of a flea or the breakneck croak of dawn


  1. this felt like a warp speed spin through all creation...or perhaps is this how life looks to a bumblebee riding the waves of a warm summer day?

    1. nice. would like to see the world through a bumble's eyes

  2. I take heart after reading this. Visually stunning too. And thanks for you kind words on my Memorial Day thing. :o)

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  4. ok, that's it. you need to post vocals with this one. things are snapping into and out of existence all over the place.