Monday, January 7, 2013


dropped from a cloud
a precipitous jewel
in this season of change
makes no cents
and gives no thought
to a box of mice,
drifts instead
then grows and grows again
making mole hills into mountains
until rivers will swell
and sail their box of gems
to the sea


  1. i think value (cents) exists directly in spite of monetary value.

    this is your photograph? i am kicked in the ass with the notion that this exists, this huddle of mice and yet if they were in my house i would poison them. who the hell am i? my god, they are so vulnerable.

    and yes, holy yes, as i drove through michigan (right by fort wayne) and back to canada i imagined our meeting one day. a hike in the woods? (we stumbled upon trails the other day southwest of fort wayne...can't remember the name of the town right now.) tom, i must warn you, i am not normal people. i don't do so well socially. you would still want to meet me? well, then. be forewarned:)

    one day, it is)))